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Australian CleanTech is a research and broking firm that was founded in 2007 in Australia. It provides advice to cleantech companies, financial institutions and governments at all levels. Through its work it provides bridges between investors and the investment and regulatory requirements of cleantech projects. With extensive experience in cleantech technology assessment, regulatory development and investment analysis, Australian CleanTech provides unique services that will facilitate and deliver successful clean technology projects in Australia, China and elsewhere.

Research Database
Australian CleanTech has developed and maintains a database of global cleantech companies. The database contains company profiles of more than 2000 companies. Each company is assessed on the basis of their technical, regulatory and commercial risk profiles.

Cleantech Indices
Australian CleanTech has published the ACT Australian Cleantech Index since 2008. The index has become the benchmark of the Australian cleantech sector. It has now also published the China CleanTech Index.

Investor Services
Project sourcing, technical assessment, investment management, delivering exit strategies, lobbying.

Project Services
Development of growth strategies, sourcing funding, industry and technology research, strategic, project delivery, Intellectual Property protection strategies, securing and retaining the right people, securing Government grants, power, water and environmental credit purchase agreement negotiation, commercialising strategies, international expansion.

Government Services
Policy development, policy impact analysis, economic development, facilitation of Industry Clusters, information dissemination

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