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Index Overview
The China CleanTech Index provides the definitive measure of the performance of Chinese cleantech companies that are listed on stock exchanges around the world.

The cleantech industry is split into a number of sub-sectors as detailed in the figure below. Each of the sub-sectors contains companies that have both environmental and economic benefits.

With over 160 companies falling under the coverage of the Index and with a combined market capitalisation of over 2.0 trillion Renminbi (US$323 billion), the China CleanTech Index presents for the first time a picture of the Chinese cleantech industry’s growth in a single measure.

The Index is weighted by market capitalisation and is benchmarked against Chinese and global indices measuring the performance of general stocks and also the cleantech sector.

The 20 largest Index constituents by market capitalisation during any quarter form the constituents of the China CleanTech 20. This sub-index represents the performance of the larger stock covered by the Index.

To provide an analysis of the China CleanTech Index, eight sub-indices have been developed. The performance of each of these sub-indices over the last three financial years is shown in the table below.

China CleanTech Sub-Indices



Facilitating and Delivering Successful
Clean Technology Investments

Cleantech incorporates the industries
of the future

Connecting People, Finance
and Technology throughout Asia

Cleantech drives jobs,
investment and trade


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