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Sino CleanTech facilitates and delivers Chinese Cleantech investments on behalf of both investors and project proponents.

In addition, Sino CleanTech provides services to Government agencies to help stimulate investment in the Cleantech industry. To deliver these services Sino CleanTech uses its extensive Cleantech research database.

Sino CleanTech also provides access to the China Cleantech Index and to investment partners in China and throughout Asia. The emerging Cleantech sector covers a range of growth industries that will move the concept of sustainable living from theory and aspiration to a practical reality. These products and services will provide two economy wide benefits:
• Increasing the resilience, competitiveness and efficiency of existing industry; and
• Building the industries of the future.

Through a range of publications and articles, Sino CleanTech provides educational resources to help raise the awareness of the sector.

Cleantech covers technologies and services that come under the categories of:

  • Renewable energy
  • Low emissions technologies
  • Water and wastewater reuse and treatment technologies
  • Low emissions transport technologies
  • Recycling and packaging technologies and systems
  • Demand side management for energy, water and other resources

Cleantech Definition
Cleantech products and services that have economic and environmental benefits. We define the term as follows:

Economically viable products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes.

Global Drivers of CleanTech
The growth of the cleantech sector is underpinned by four key and strong macro-economic drivers.

  • Constructing tangible assets providing core services such as power, water, waste and recycling.
  • Increasing demand due to population growth and increasing wealth.
  • Depletion of natural resources.
  • The recognition of climate change and the consequent regulatory regimes.

In addition, at a company level, industry is experiencing three drivers to adopt cleantech solutions:

  • Increasing environmental regulation to report on and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Increasing global competition driving a need for ongoing increased efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Supply chain pressures where multinational customers are demanding improved sustainability throughout their supply chains.

Articles on Cleantech Investing for China 

Sino CleanTech sources and edits articles on cleantech investing in and for China. These are published each month in Mandarin in Top Capital, one of China's leading investment journals (www.topcapital.com.cn). The articles are republished here with permission.

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